A survey report is the best way to reach an informed decision on a major important investment like a property purchase.

Building Survey Report

What is it?

A Residential Building Survey report is a specialist report on the construction and condition of a building.

It identifies defects, drawbacks, potential problems and any necessary remedial work, which may enable you to negotiate or withdraw your offer.

When would I need one?

Even if you have arranged for a Mortgage Valuation Report, it is still advisable to arrange for a survey to be carried out by your own surveyor – the Mortgage Valuation Report is prepared for the lender not thepurchaser.

You cannot therefore rely upon a Valuation Report to answer the questions that only a more detailed building survey by a local surveyor will provide, it is therefore prudent to have a survey carried out by an independent surveyor. Our report will not include a valuation.

A Building Survey Report is especially recommended if the property you are purchasing is:

  • Older
  • Clearly in a deteriorated condition
  • Large or complex
  • Converted or altered
  • Over two storeys high

How much will it cost?

We have extremely competitive fee scales which vary according to the size and location of your property.

Please contact our qualified staff to receive an immediate quote.

What will I get for my money?

The inspection is carried out by a qualified surveyor who will make a detailed visual inspection of the building fabric and services including the roof spaces and beneath the floors where access is reasonably available. Services will not be tested, but where appropriate, tests can be arranged.

The conclusions in the report will explain the probable cause and significance of defects, recommend what action is necessary and what the approximate cost of repair would be.

This will often help in further negotiations.

What are the benefits?

There are many benefits to having a Building Survey Report, for example:

  • Identification of defects and necessary remedial works.
  • Opportunity for planning and making financial provisions.
  • Possible negotiation of lower purchase price.

A survey report is the best way to reach an informed decision on a major important investment like a property purchase. This way you can minimise the risks and come to an informed decision before you are committed to purchase.

The time to find out about faults is before you buy!